Hanging Nude Male Art – The Complete Guide

Hanging Nude Male Art – The Complete Guide

You have your new piece of nude male art and are excited about how it will transform your living room. Unfortunately, you now face the daunting task of hanging the art properly.

Where and how to hang it is intimidating, but we'll show you how.

If there is a Fireplace it's the Focal Point

The most simple maxim is if your room has a fireplace, your keystone nude male art must go above it and line up proportionally to the fireplace opening.

Remember the Wall you are Decorating

The size and area of the wall are important, consider the context when you are adding art and plan accordingly.

Arrange your Pictures Before you get out the Hammer

Lay out the structure of your art wall and make sure that it makes sense and looks good before you commit to nailing your nude male art into the wall.

Never forget Eye Level

Don't deviate away from eye level, if you have a group of pieces of nude male art think of the group as a single large square and hang accordingly.

Size Matters with Picture Placement

Don't let your art overhang your furniture. Ideally, it is half the width or maybe a little more.

Symmetrical Design

If you have similar pieces, incorporate balance to really tie the room together.

Asymmetrical Groupings

This works when it seems like there is a bit of coherence to the thinking behind it. If you have pieces of nude male art that play off each other you can get creative hanging them in interesting ways.

Hanging Art on Different Surfaces

There are several different surfaces that present unique challenges for hanging where you should alter your process a bit: drywall, concrete walls, and paneling.

Best Hardware for Hanging Pictures

There are a few versatile pieces of hardware for hanging on different surfaces. They include the picture hanger, wall anchor, molly bolt, and toggle bolt.

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